5 Canadian Stereotypes That are True

It’s true, Canadians love their hockey, more than you can imagine. Often times you can count on us skipping out on plans just to watch our favourite team play. Kamloops has their own team called ‘The Blazers’. Whether you enjoy the game itself, or just like being part of an exciting atmosphere, hockey is a great sport to watch!

TIM HORTONS! Every Canadian’s pit-stop on a long road trip or lunch break when enduring a long day. “Coffee and Timbits” is music to every Canadians ears. Thankfully there’s a Tim Hortons located right on campus! So no more struggling through those long days of lectures.

You better bet we’ll hold any door for you, or say sorry when it’s not necessary. Canadians are some of the nicest, most welcoming people you will ever meet. You can count on us to make you feel included in classes and around campus.

Poutine is our sixth food group. Poutine is French fries doused in cheese curds and gravy. It is definitely a must try! You can find poutine at many places in Kamloops including McDonalds, New York Fries (in the mall), or the local business; Frenchies Poutinerie (downtown).

We love the outdoors! Come with us on any sort of outdoor activity and we’ll be your best friend. Here in Kamloops, some of the best spots to visit are Peterson creek, Kenna Cartwright Park, and Riverside Park. So next time the weather is in your favour, check these spots out!


Take a picture at any of the places listed with the hashtag #TRUworld and you could win some TRU SWAG!


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