4 Christmas Tree Inspirations on a Budget


The most wonderful time of the year is finally here.. Snow is on its way, you start to see Christmas decorations everywhere, and everyone is already talking about gift shopping. This is maybe your first Christmas living by yourself and you finally decide it is time to get a Christmas tree to make your place more festive. You go out to buy a tree, and… “$300 dollars for a Christmas tree?! What?!”.

Yes, I know that feeling. I never realized how expensive holiday decorations could be, until I had to buy my own! But trust me, after roaming around store to store, I was finally able to create my own winter wonderland on a budget – so I am here to guide you the way. Here are 4 Christmas decor ideas on a budget:

  • Classic



  • Blue and Silver

Click on the items to buy it: Tree, Assorted Blue Ornaments, Snow Flake Ornament, Tree Skirt.



  • Rustic Glam



  • White and Pink

Click on the items to buy it: Tree, Assorted Pink Ornaments, Gold Ornaments, Tree Skirt.



It’s not that hard to find great options on a budget! The less you spend with decorations, the more you can spend with what matters: GIFTS!

So what style are you going with this year? And what is your favourite place to shop for Christmas decorations? Upload a picture of your tree and hashtag #myTRU to win some awesome TRU gifts to add under your tree!

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