2016 Downtown Spring Festival

There is always something going on in Kamloops.  Epic study breaks, remember?  Epic.  This week features the 2016 Downtown Spring Festival!  If you have yet to check out the first two days, Saturday May 21st is your last chance.


[Riverside Park] Photography: Emiko Ohama

If you like art, you are invited to join in on live canvas painting in the back alley just off of 4th Avenue between 9am and 2:30pm on Saturday May 21st.  Additionally, for those who would rather attend a patio party to watch the live art showcase, be sure to check out Red Collar Brewing and the Central Station Pub.


[Riverside Park] Photography: Emiko Ohama

To recap the first few days of the Downtown Spring Festival:

  • 1. You could participate in life-sized Checkers!

[Li brothers playing Checkers on the 400 block of Victoria street] Photography: Emiko Ohama


[Portrait of Li, a tourist from Hong Kong] Photography: Emiko Ohama


[It’s All About The Strategy] Photography: Emiko Ohama

  • 2.  You could participate in some retail therapy at the Kamloops Artisan Market, which will be running throughout the summer from 10am to 2pm on the 400 block of Victoria Street.

[Kamloops Artisan Market] Photography: Emiko Ohama


[Broken Is Beautiful Coloured Glass Window Designs] Photography: Emiko Ohama

(Vinessa’s website: https://www.facebook.com/Broken-Is-Beautiful-Colored-Glass-Window-Designs-263553320360382/timeline)


[CreativelyCut] Photography: Emiko Ohama


[CreativelyCut] Photography: Emiko Ohama


[CreativelyCut] Photography: Emiko Ohama

(CreativelyCut’s website:  https://www.facebook.com/CreativelyCutKamloops/?pnref=story)

  • 3.  You could ‘clown around’ with one of the nicest clowns in town!

[Portrait, Nancy] Photography: Emiko Ohama

(Turf Tiding & Clowning Around’s Website: http://www.clowningandyarddisplays.ca)

  • 4.  You could have a photo op with the tallest man in Kamloops!

[Tall Man] Photography: Emiko Ohama

  • 5.  You could enjoy live music, as well as, meet Grizz and Customer Care And Patrol ambassador, Riley!

[St. Andrews On The Square] Photography: Emiko Ohama

Enjoy living your life to the fullest, while pursuing your academic passion.

All the best, Emiko

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