14 Tips for Success at a Career Fair!

14 Tips for Success at a Career Fair!

As a university student, career fairs are an important part of your job search. I have attended a few career fairs over the last couple of months and there was some takeaway from each one of them. So contrary to popular belief, job fairs are NOT a waste of time.

Awesome folks at TRU Career Education Department are hosting a job fair on March 3rd, 2016. So how can you make sure that you stand out at TRU Job Fair 2016? Well, it’s not rocket science. Here’s how you can get the most out of a career fair.


1. Meet companies that are outside of your field. Interact with people from different avenues. Don’t limit yourself to just one employer.

letsdo this


2. Do not ask silly or vague questions. Research about the companies coming to the fair and the positions that they’re hiring for.



3. Do your homework. Check out the websites, positions and jobs requirements for the companies of your interest.



4. Update your resume. Make sure your resume tells your career story. Updating your LinkedIn profile might be worthwhile too.



5. Prepare your Elevator Pitch. Tell the employers about who you are, the value you can add to their company and what makes you different from everyone else.

sales pitch


6. Research and prepare questions. Develop quality questions and write them down. Practice those questions in front of a mirror.



7. Suit up and stay classy! Make sure to dress up in a professional outfit and smell good. Casual clothing is a big no-no.

Suit Up!


8. Get rid of the distractions. Turn your cell phone to silent mode once you are at the venue. Also, do not chew gum while talking to people.



9. Work the fair alone. Moving in groups sets a poor perception about you, so take a small break from the wolfpack.



10. Map your route for the fair. Get there early.  Don’t go to your preferred employer directly. Get some warm up with a few other companies first.

nice to meet u


11. Make a good first impression. Approach people with a smile on your face and a solid firm handshake. Eye contact is important too.



12. Take advantage of your time during the fair. Career fairs are about networking and meeting new people. Enjoy the learning opportunities and explore possible career paths. Have fun!



13. Stay organized. Create a contact list and keep track of who you talked to and their contact information.

business card


14. Follow up with employers. Send out a formal thank you email to the organizations you talked to.



For more information about the TRU Job Fair, you can check out this website. Now that you know what you’ve got to do, go get ‘em! Good luck!


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