10 Things to do on Reading Break

There are plenty of things to do for reading break! Here are just a few fun activities;


Roadtrip to Vancouver. Vancouver is a huge tourist attraction. There are plenty of places to sight-see, shop, and eat out at. Always a good time with friends!

Enjoy winter recreation at Sun Peaks or Harper Mountain. Both these ski hills have several winter activities to try. Whether you’re a skier or snowboarder; or just want to tube, snowshoe or sight see, these places are perfect to visit.


Sleep. Rest up for the last few weeks of this semester. Make sure you’re re-energized and ready to take on finals.

Indulge in some of the unique café’s and restaurants here in Kamloops. Check out places such as; PDK café, The Art we Are, Peter’s Pasta, and Hello Toast.


Start your summer health routine. Look up some new workout routines and healthy snacks so help you stay motivated.

Catch up in classes. Get those big assignments started and review your class slides to stay on top of things.

Explore some of Kamloops’ best hiking spots. The snow is melting and the trails are finally clearing off. Several of our hiking trails have the best views in town, so be sure to take a group of friends and embrace the beautiful sights.

Go to a movie with a friend. Now you finally have time to see that movie you’ve been eager to see!

Go skating! There’s many outdoor and indoor arenas all around town to visit. Skating is a perfect activity to do with a group of friends.

Go Bowling! Falcon Lanes is a great spot to hangout with some friends and bowl. It’s a fun, unique activity to try for reading break!


Have a good reading break!

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