10 Canadian words leave the south neighbours blank

Canada portraits an unique culture, it’s not as simple as one might think. Canadians leave many of its neighbors to the south speechless with their unique words.  Try using these 10 words when visiting Canada’s neighbours to the south and see their expressions yourself.

1) Loonie– 1 Dollar Coin

2) Toonie– 2 Dollar Coin

3) Snowbird– A Canadian who travels south for the winter

4)  Knapsack– A backpack

5) Runners– Any kind of athletic footwear

6) Gitch / Gotch– A very classy term for men’s underwear

7)  Two-four– A case of 24 beers

8) Chesterfield– A couch or sofa

9) Toque– A knit hat. Worn by everyone in winter and by hipsters over the summer

10) Stag– A bachelor party


Comment below with other unique Canadian words********

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